Ways to help retreats

Agape gifts

Agape is a way to show God’s love that is given freely. Agape gifts are different items made by the community for those on the retreat to show they are loved. The Veterans and team members receive these agape gifts throughout the weekend and it reminds them of the greater community that is supporting them on their journey. If you are interested in helping with Agape please email: ChristianWarriorsCCCT@yahoo.com

To sign up for Prayer Vigil click picture below.

Roll Call Ceremony

Saturday evening is an opportunity for the community to show agape love with their presence at the retreat center. Community's early arrival is at 7:30 PM at El Shaddai Ranch. Service starts at 8:00 pm. Community will gather to worship and pray for Veterans on the retreat. NO childcare is provided on Saturday evening. We ask that if you bring children under 12 bring something to keep them busy and quiet. 

Closing Ceremony

Sunday afternoon is an opportunity for the community to gather the last time for the retreat weekend where they will get to see and hear testimony on God’s ability to heal and inspire. Closing ceremony will begin at 11:00 AM. Childcare  will be available for children under the age of 12. Please contact CWR at ChristianWarriorsCCCT@yahoo.com if you  plan on using childcare for closing so we can make sure to accommodate all children.