Partner program for Christian Warriors Retreat 

NO Warrior, NO Family left behind! 

It is time for our Warriors to fight a new battle and it is not against flesh.  Veterans our losing their jobs, families, and lives on a daily basis. With your donation we can provide tools that will bring healing, stability, and community. So you are thinking…”I would like to help honor and be a part of healing a Veteran or Spouse” Here’s how… pray about sponsoring a Veteran, sponsoring a retreat or become a CWR partner. Please give today. 

We have been blessed to make Christian Warriors Retreats free at cost to all our Veterans by sponsors. churches, and business. We believe this is essential to continue to grow our mission. We are searching for CWR partners to collect annual offering to pay portion or half portion of retreat. If you are interest register for which retreat you would like to partner with.

Your tax-deductible donation blesses us to provide

tools and hope for our warriors.

CWR Retreat Total Cost $6,400.

WWR Wives' Retreat  Total Cost $4,500.

Each seeker and team member costs $200. 

Christian Warriors Retreat Partner



Sponsor a Seeker or  Donate What you can...

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